Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Okay, so where's the snow again?

I really thought that the couple of big snow falls that we had were going to stay, but they slowly melted away, not planning to return for a while... What happened there? Winter? Are you coming at all this year? It seems so strange to me that almost everyone has their Christmas lights up covering roof tops and trees and what ever else they put them on. Anyway, it's wierd seeing Christmas lights without snow covering the ground. I mean there's nothing. And it's already getting to the end of November... So I decided to write an

***Ode to Snow***

(sorry cynthia and corrie, I just need more time with the rockets... they mean so much to me, I can't seem to sum them up just yet)

Snow. Snow. Snow.
Pure, white, perfect.
You cover this ugly, dead earth
with a blanket so loving,
each of your flakes unique and beautiful
fall to the ground.
And as each snowflake takes it's place,
together they offer this earth protection and warmth
through the cold and dark season of winter.
You make Christmas complete,
decorating the houses and trees like icing.
You make children endlessly happy
with your banks deep and inviting.
You make the black winter nights
seem lighter and the daytime brighter.
Snow, it would not be winter without you!
Bless us with your abundant flakes once again
and save this season of endless night
with your blanket of comfort, purity and warmth.

But seriously, I want snow already.


ccap said...

Oh, I understand the delay in the Ode to Rockets. Believe me, I understand.

Linda said...

Me too.

beckster said...

Time for a new post chochy

corrie said...

Kay, it snowed. New post. Now.